Feature Request: Randomize MC upon new question generation

Hey Everyone and Desmos People,

Love the CL layer and ability to create activities with infinite practice using different templates however my students and I discovered a quirk with MC questions and new questions being generated; when they hit “Generate New Question” the question and MC options change however the location of the correct answer does not - even when I have selected “randomize MC”.

I realize this is due to whatever seed is used to initially randomize the answer option is not related to my “seed” for new questions, however if some code/function could be added to the CL to allow for this, it would be helpful.

something like: randommize(actionbutton.pressCount)



I thought it might be an easy solution just to randomize the choiceContent, which it was, but then checking for correctness was tougher. I ended up using a hidden calculator to do some of the work. Here’s an example that includes a lot of comments so you can work your way through the code.


Craig you’re 2 for 2 for finding work arounds to my problems! Thank you!