Feedback loop with numericvalue range -

Good Morning,
I am trying to use desmos for a end of quarter check in quiz with more than 200 students.
Although I have some explain your answer questions, I am trying to have others marked for correctness on the dashboard.

For the following CL, I am looking for a ratio of 8/17. In looking at the discussion boards, I have found that using a range is best for this type of answer, but am also wanting feedback for students who enter the ratio using a format other than the fraction. (ie, 8 to 17 or 8:17).
I have attempted to search and troubleshoot on my own, but am now stuck.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you might able to provide.

I am getting "Syntax Error: unexpected token “>”

disableEvaluation: true
correct: PartDratio.numericValue > 0.475 and PartDratio.numericValue < 0.470
when PartDratio submitted
when PartDratio.numericValue > 0.475 and PartDratio.numericValue < 0.470, “YES” otherwise PartDratio submitted “Your ratio needs to be submitted as a fraction.” )

You need a dot before submitted, no commas, not repeated. It also looks like your inequality signs are the wrong way around - you cannot have a number bigger than 0.475 and smaller than 0.470. So maybe:

when PartDratio.sumitted and PartDratio.numericValue<0.475 and PartDratio.numericValue>0.470 "YES" otherwise "Your ratio needs to be submitted as a fraction"

but this also needs to “go” somewhere - so either as a errorMessage: or create a variable for it so it can be shown in a note.

Thank you very much for your help. While I did not resolve this the way I anticipated, it will work for now.