Function machines


I am trying to use the first 3 slides from the activity “Guess my rule” to create slides that would allow teachers to edit the rule that the machine is checking. I played around with the first 2 slides and I think I worked out how to change them but I really want to be able to use the 3rd slide with different funcitons and I just don’t understand which bits of code I need to change. Ideally, I would like teachers to be able to enter a function in the table on slide 3 (that you can see in design view only) and for the machine to use that function. That way the slide can be easily used as a template by teachers without much knowledge of CL. However, I am struggling! This is what I have done on the first 2 slides with the 3rd one just back to the original (I think!) as what I have tried hasn’t worked. Any help would be brilliant - thank you!


I was able to change Slides 1 and 2. (The multiple choice won’t match now though.) Just change the first line of graph1 CL (or if you wanted to add a table like Slide 3, add a table and change the first line to match table2a’s first line on Slide 3).

I think I got slide 3 working well too:

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This is amazing!!! Thank you so much :grinning: