Self marking issues

Please can someone help me make the coding on my activity work so it will mark for the students as a minimum, and if it can show on the summary page too that would be great!
multiple slides not working… Have stopped making it fully self marking as too much not working!

Thanks in advance!

Quotes don’t work well for matching latex. Use backticks instead (by the 1 key). Matching latex is not an evaluative method, so on slide 2 only “0.4x” would be accepted and not “2x/5”.

You could put a hidden graph on each slide, with readOnly: true, and use this graph. Change the function, g(x), to your target answer. Your correct variable for each input would then be:

correct= graphNameHere.number(`C_{heck}`)=1

and change your feedback line in your notes to:

content: when inputNameHere.script.correct "Correct!" otherwise "..."

Thank you for your help.
I can cope with the 0.4x rather than 2x/5.

However, I have done what you have suggested above on slide 3 and it hasn’t worked?

Sorry. You also need to define function, f, in the graph CL, otherwise it just checks what you’ve predefined in the graph itself instead of the student input:

function(`f`): simpleFunction(input3.latex)

Thank you so much for your help on this!
How do I learn this type of coding?
I have a colleague that is good at coding and willing to help but what coding language is this?
Or is there another way?

I spent a lot of time on this forum trying to answer people’s questions or looking at how others answered questions. There’s the Computation Layer documentation (the link pops up on the right when you’re editing). Search on YouTube for webinars (both from Desmos itself or other users). Take lessons from other people and look at or edit their code.

Desmos has its own coding language. I’m not sure what language it is analogous to, or what it’s based off.

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I will strongly suggest Codecademy which is one of the best free coding websites. It is particularly designed to fulfill the needs of beginners like you and me. Just give it a try.

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Thought it best to reply on here…

Looking for help on marking coordinates - thought a table might be easiest but it’s not working.
Any help welcome.

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Simplest way is just use latex to match. Sorry but your activity doesn’t seem to be there