Functions to reflect point/polygon

Here’s another set of functions to reflect a point or polygon. The folder called Functions has all the important stuff. The rest is just as examples.

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Functions for coord of intersection of points uses a format which is not clear. Can you please elaborate?

Essentially, we’re trying to find the coordinates of the point of intersection of a line XY and a line perpendicular through point P. I was essentially solving a system of equations, but ran into a problem when the slope of XY or the perpendicular line was undefined. So, the first part of each function (I_x and I_y) was to determine the coordinate in that situation (i.e. the x coordinates of X and Y are equivalent) which would be the same. If not, the system solved for x and y. (Explaining now, I realize I had a simpler solution for I_y). The basic format I used is…
F={condition1: n1, {condition2:n2, n3} }
which is “If condition1, then F=n1, otherwise if condition2 then F=n2, otherwise n3”.

got it. thanks for the detailed explanation.