Geogebra with Desmos AB

There are things I can do much easier using Geogebra than with Desmos. However I really like the UI of AB. It is much better than what I am seeing from GGB. What strategies have people used, or can think of, to leverage the strengths of both?

One thing I am trying is to give a link that the kids use to get to a GGB tool in a new tab. Then come back and write answers in AB. It would be great if the notes component allowed HTML links, or if there was a way to embed GGB in AB.

Links do work in note components. It just doesn’t allow you to hyperlink specific text. Is that what you meant though?

I recommend following @Steve_Phelps on Twitter. From what I have seen, he is the most versatile user across both platforms. If anyone has ideas, it will be him.

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I was trying to have a link like this. Also, I did not get it that the link looks different in preview or for students than in the editing view. TY