Getting a button to work

I was wondering if we could get some guidance in making an activity. I see in the following activity Puzzling It Out • Activity Builder by Desmos that there is button to check your work. How can I incorporate it into the activity? I have a button but I don’t how to link to correct/incorrect response.

It helps to have something more specific. Indicating correctness is entirely dependent on what you consider correct and where students are entering this information. There are examples on this forum for checking fractions, expressions, radicals, equations, graphs, points. They may be in an input, a table, multiple choice, or manipulations of a graph. While there are certainly similarities, each of these requires different code.

Thanks for your reply.
If a student enters 18m as the answer in a table and a box then I would like the student to have a ‘Check my work’ button to see if they got it correct .Please see attached.