Getting graph to show on student screen

I’m trying to work through the Computation Layer tutorial to teach myself this process. I am currently on step 2. I have put in y=mx into the graph sceen, labeled my math input component exp1, done script number(“m”) : exp1.numericValue like the example shows and when I go to preview it is not showing my line on the graph. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the form!
I you can attach a link to the activity, that would help me. Just use the share activity, copy the link, and post it. I’ll come back and take a look unless someone else helps first. Lots of really strong CL people here (not me-- very middle of the road!)

Thanks, I was trying to follow the instructions exactly as written in the Desmos material, I’ve been working since 9:00 and am finally on the 3rd example. Apparently I wasn’t holding my mouth just right, Grrrr. I finally deleted everything and tried it again and it worked. This will not defeat me!!! Thanks for your help.

number("m"): exp1.numericValue should be in the graph CL.
Did you put it in the input CL?