Show all student graphs on one graph

Having trouble with getting all of the students’ graphs to show on one screen.

In the first slide, the students move points to create their own line. On the second slide, I would like to show all of the participant’s graphs overlayed on one screen. I assume it has to do with aggregate, but can’t figure it out. Anyone have suggestions?

You’ve already got the slope, d, in your graph. I would also do a calculation in the graph for the y-intercept, b. Aggregate those and plot them.
In graph CL (Slide 2):

numberList(`D`): aggregate(g432.number(`d`))
numberList(`B`): aggregate(g432.number(`b`))

Then, in your graph, y=Dx+B

Works perfectly. Thank you.

Haha, this is funny. Scott-- I’m a teacher in northern California who uses CPM. I’ve found your CPM Desmos lessons in the “Share” section of the ebook super helpful. But sometimes I want to add to them or edit some parts, but unfortunately I can’t make a copy and edit. So I end up recreating them-- which honestly is a good exercise for me in using the computation layer. I was just trying to solve this same problem from this same lesson, and found this thread. Just wanted to say thanks for all your work.