Graphing student input which involve parameters defined in calculatorstate

Hi team

Looking to graph a student input which involves parameters defined in the graphing calculator.

a=3 is defined in calculator state (the value of a is meant to be unknown to the student)

Then when student inputs:
y=asin(x) I it to graph this.

Have it working for functions without the parameter ‘a’ already, just when ‘a’ is introduced it wont graph. :frowning:

Thanks in advance


Can I see what you have so far? I think I can help


Feel free to try out my activity too. I spent a bit of time on it so youre more than welcome to use it if you enjoy it.

The last slide is the one I couldn’t get to work. I want students to enter in, for example. y=asinx and then the graph to display.

Thanks a mill


This is epic! I got this from @ehberger, it should work for you. Functions with parameters • Activity Builder by Desmos

Brilliant, this is the fix I was looking for.