Student Feedback in Tables

I have a fairly basic knowledge of CL and have been getting by by copying screens from other activities and adjusting them. I am currently working in a table and giving student feedback. The solution to the problem that students are given. I want it to be counted correct if they type 1, x=1, or 1=x. Here is the current coding that I have:

#creates submit button with text “check”
submitButtonText: “Check My Work”

#creates a “correct” or “incorrect” label in the third column of each row
cellContent(1,2): when table1.submitted and table1.cellNumericValue(1,1)=1 “:smiley:
when table1.submitted “Try Again”
otherwise “”


Currently, it is marking it correct for 1 and x=1, but it is counting it incorrect for 1=x. Any ideas as to why this is?