Having students enter a % as part of an answer and have it checked

I am trying to have students be able to enter the answer in a variety of forms and have Desmos tell them they are correct. One form is with the % sign. But when I test it and preview it and type % it always says % of and marks it wrong. Here is my code. I also tried it without the \ before the %. but either way when I preview and type % it always types “% of” and then is marked wrong. tHANks
correct =
when this.numericValue = 7 1
when this.numericValue = 7.0 1
when this.latex = “\7%” 1
when this.latex = “\7.0%” 1
otherwise 0
correct: correct=1

I think its been recommended to put the percent sign as a suffix. Tgis code should be all you need.

suffix: “%”
correct = this.numericValue = 7
correct: correct