Help coding a self-check slide

Hello. I am trying to create a self-check activity where students will use the sketch tool to plot points of a line and graph the line when given slope-intercept form. I want them to attempt this on their own first, then be able to check themselves by pressing a button and having the line graph itself briefly.

I have a sketch tool and button. Not sure if its possible, but I’d like the button to be hidden until the sketch is created by the student.

I’d like the button to activate the line, shown for about 5 seconds, and then disappear and allow the student to try again (rinse and repeat, including hidden button).

Right now, I don’t know how to have the button hidden. Also, the button will only allow a check once; it will not graph the line again.
Here is the slide.

Thank you in advance for any assistance. I’m new to CL coding and trying to wrap my mind around it.

How’s this?:

That is perfect, thank you!