Help with a factoring activity!

Hello! I am creating an activity that checks factoring. I found some cl from another activity and have used it, as shown in the example below. I need some help making it work for an expression that has a monomial GCF (could be numerical too). Can anyone help me out?

Here, I cleaned it up a bit: [Copy of] Example • Activity Builder by Desmos

You may be interested in these factoring templates I made last year: Factoring with an Area Model (templates) • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you! What adjustment should I make if the GCF has a factor of x?

I actually have used your templates and really like them.

I just redid the CL because it wasn’t really robust. For example, it would pass the check if the student wrote (1)(1)(x^2-x-12) because it was only checking for number of factors. I think I’ve got it working now where you can just change the original expression and it will work. The first 3 screens are examples with GCFs to factor. Screen 4 is a bit different and should be used for no GCF. [Copy of] Example • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thanks again! I have some things to learn!

If you’d like something that incorporates various types of factoring, here you go: Factoring | Components • Activity Builder by Desmos

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