Factoring with immediate feedback

Hi all,

I work at a small school and teach 8-12 math. I am starting to use Desmos to make self-paced lesson. Part of that is providing a section with instant formative feedback before I get my students to do questions that I review. I am looking to provide instant feedback for non-linear functions. I want to start with something simple and move more complex with time. Here is an example:

Question: Factor x^2-5x+4.

The students would insert (x-4)(x-1) or (x-1)(x-4) and press submit and know instantly if they are right or wrong.

Is there a way to possibly do this? I would really appreciate any help.

Slide 7 of this activity has something like that. It’s an old activity though, I’ll try to update it and send you a fresh copy. :blush:https://teacher.desmos.com/activitybuilder/custom/5ba3cdc534a1190cf5f08e6c

(see my more recent post for a cleaner and improved version of trinomial factoring)

Exactly what I was looking for, thank-you! It might take me a while to decode it all (I have an pretty basic understanding of coding) but it gives me something to work from.

Here is a MUCH cleaner and improved version. I’m not sure that is 100% bug free. But try it out and let me know what you think. Factoring Trinomials • Activity Builder by Desmos

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