Help with code that has graphing involved and selfchecking

I am trying to figure out how to get desmos to graph my tangent line equation over the graph of the function and make the graph in increments of pi/4.

my tangent line equation is:y+3pi=(6-4pi)(x-3pi4)
and my function is already on slide 6.

HELP :slight_smile:

I have had difficulty myself with controlling how desmos calculator plots values in terms of pi especially pi/4. I noticed that Robert Banks IV often overrides the axis and creates his own. I looked and I think you essentially need to do the same. Build your own axis if you want to control the exact spacing of increments. Here is a calculator example.


This can be achieved in the graph itself using the wrench tool as illustrated:

Just set the β€œStep” for the x-axis and y-axis to the increment you want and the axis should appear to your desired increment.

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For whatever reason, Desmos will override these settings which is the reason for the work around. Often especially with pi/4 it will default to pi/2.


I just want to make everyone aware that with an example like this you can import directly into an activity (Thank you @Desmos!) by c/p the calculator url into the calculator input in an activity.