Help with countNumberUsage for Quadratics

This activity has students write forms of quadratic equations based on a given graph. I want a gray check to appear on the teacher dashboard if their function is correct (to make taking a grade easy). I had help with the code to get started (Thanks, cwinske !). It works great when a=1, but if a is not 1, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

(Unit 7 Homework Check #2 • Activity Builder by Desmos)

On slide 5, the leading factor is 1/2, so you would need to set the counter to look for two 1s and two 2s. The countNumberUsage treats the numerator as a separate number and the denominator as another number. You might need to set a larger conditional statement to account for students that might type in 0.5 instead of 1/2. In this case, you would look for one 0.5, one 1, and one 2.

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