Gray Check for a Quadratic Function in Math Input

I am asking students to write a quadratic function based on a given graph. I would like the teacher dashboard to display a gray check if their solution is correct. I have tried several codes and haven’t found one to work. Currently, I only have a code entered on Screen 2.

There might be better ways to handle this, but here’s what I did.

  1. In the graph CL, enter readOnly: true
  2. The code you had was reading latex. The problem with reading the latex is there are so many iterations that need to be accounted for, as you tried to do. If a student enters a space in one of the functions you had listed, it would be marked wrong. I like to use simpleFuntion with evaluateAt. In your example, I just randomly picked 10 as an input number. Since that should evaluate to 120, I checked for that.
  3. To check if students wrote the function in factored form, I also used countNumberUsage.

All this is a little more code, but I think it’s a little less headaches with determining all the possible answers as well as possible false negative answers. Here’s what the changes I mentioned look like:

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Thank you so much! This works perfect.