Hidden and reset on change

I want the NewLine button to appear when RevealAnswer button is pressed, but to disappear after the NewLine button is pressed, then appear again with RevealAnswer button, ad infinitum.
This is what I used, but the NewLine button isn’t reappearing after I make it disappear the first time.


On the RevealAnswer button, you could use the code
hidden: RevealAnswer.pressCount>NewLine.pressCount

On the NewLine button, you could use
hidden: RevealAnswer.pressCount=NewLine.pressCount

That way, only one of the two buttons will show up at any time.


Worked perfectly, thank you!!

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FYI, resetOnChange doesn’t reset press counts, if I remember correctly.

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Oh. Yeah, you are right. Thanks for pointing this out, I would have continued to use it incorrectly. lol