Hidden sink for 2 requirements

I have an addition of integers problem that I want students to verify with a number line model BEFORE the answer box appears for students to enter an answer. Is it possible to require 2 things before that answer box appears? Like the graph has to be correct and the students hit Submit to see if it is correct. So, the students graph, then hit Submit. If the graph is correct after hitting Submit, the answer box appear. Otherwise, it does not. It seems that right now, I have one of 2 choices…

hidden: when Validation.script.Verify false otherwise true


hidden: when btn1.pressCount>0 false otherwise true

I would like it to be when BOTH of these are true at the same time. Is this possible?

You’re close! Something like this should work:

hidden: not(Validation.script.Verify) or btn1.timeSincePress=0

That did it! Thank you!!!

I’ve run into this. The hidden sink really only cares if things evaluate to true or false - so you don’t have to use when/otherwise!

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