Hidding a screen until a condition is met

I want to be able to hide screen 8 if the students have not selected factoring at least once and quadratic formula at least twice. I would also like a message to come up that says if they didn’t pick solve by factoring “You did not solve by factoring, please go back and use this method on 1 problem” and if they didn’t pick quadratic formula twice “You did not use quadratic formula twice, please go back and use this method on 2 problems.” I know I have done something similar before but I cannot figure it out. I think I have the count for which method they selected on screen 8, but I could be wrong. Here is the link to my activity.

I’d use:

check= method1.isSelected(2) and method2.isSelected(2)... etc. for all 7 slides.
hidden: check

You could then use componentName.script.check for other components (i.e. for your message in a note).