Hidden component not to be shown until two conditions are met

I want to hide certain components until two separate conditions are met, but the way I attempted to code it, the components are revealed after only one of the conditions it met.

How could I code it correctly? Specifically in slide 7, how can I get students to complete the left side of the slide in its entirety before the right side appears?

I’d use not(mo.submitted) instead of mo.timeSinceSubmit < 1, but the main problem was using and instead of or. You basically said everything needs to be incomplete to remain hidden instead of anything incomplete remains hidden. This works:

hidden: cloud.sketch.strokeCount < 2 or not(mo.submitted and mi.submitted and lt1.submitted)

Edit: or this (basically “if not all of them are complete”)

hidden: not(cloud.sketch.strokeCount > 1 and mo.submitted and mi.submitted and lt1.submitted)