Hiding a component until a math input is submitted and explained

Suppose I have a math input that I want students to explain before another component in another slide is revealed. Currently I named the math input component submit1 and
I have coded in the component I want hidden:

hidden: submit1.submitted

But this only keeps the component hidden until something is submitted, I want to keep the component hidden until something is submitted and explained

That actually hides it when it’s submitted. Remember when your conditions are ‘true’, then the component is hidden. Try this:

hidden: not(submit1.submitted) or isBlank(submit1.explainContent)

Edit: Actually this would probably work since the explain prompt doesn’t show unless you submit.

hidden: isBlank(submit1.explainContent)

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Thanks! Is it possible for the component to be hidden based on whether the explanation to the math input is submitted, instead of whether or not it is blank?

I don’t think so, there’s only submitted for the “Submit and Explain” button. There’s no equivalent for the explain prompts “Submit” button. Maybe a feature request, @Jay?