Horizontal Bar Graph/Chart

Does anyone have a template or instructions for creating a horizontal bar graph/chart either in the Desmos Graphing Calculator or in an activity screen where students can enter their data in a table and the graph will populate on the same screen? A couple of my science teachers are in the human traits unit and their students answered 10 yes/no questions about different traits. The teachers want students to be able to enter the data and generate a graph. We envision a horizontal bar graph where each trait is listed on the left and the “yes” values make up each horizontal bar; the horizontal bars would also be is descending order. I have done multiple searches and have not found anything Desmos dealing with horizontal bar graphs. Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This might work: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/3dvbpv0uea
This contains a workaround for sorting two list simultaneously. This could also be done with more than two lists.

Or here as an activity:
Descending Horizontal Bar Chart


Thanks so much for this and it looks great!

Nice hack. The first link isn’t clickable, but works cut and paste. Just FYI.

Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the link.