How can I display a randomly selected function in a note?

I am trying to select a a function randomly from a list of 5 functions and then display that selected function in a note. Is there a way to do this?

I currently have a graph component with a list of functions, F. The variable f is defined as a random element of that list. In the note I tried using graph.number(f) but I get the error “cannot find the variable x (needed by F) in graph”. Also, I know that command is used for numerical values, but it was my best idea so far (lol).

I am building an activity regarding definite integrals and I’d like to be able to choose radical functions, polynomials, trig functions, etc. So I’d rather not go the route of simply randomly generating coefficients of a polynomial.

Any ideas?


I would use tables and perhaps hide them instead of graphs.
Here would be my approach.

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I think this will work perfectly. Thanks so much!