How do I code a graph to show a vertical line input?

How do I code the graph component to show a vertical line the students type in the input component?

In the graph script:


and then make sure you put x=f(y) in the graph

Another way would be to make a number, say “A” from the expression numeric value and then graph x= A in the graph


Now, how can I take what they typed in the “expression” input component to show on a different screen…?

It works the same way, just put that script into whichever graph you need.

I’m confused…I’m trying to have what they entered in “expression” to appear in a note on the next screen. The students will then reflect on that equation in a input component.

Got it. If you want to display the expression as entered you would use the .latex source. Over all:


Don’t forget the backticks if you want to display as math

You are helping soooooooo much-thank you!!

Final question for tonight… how do I get the equation to appear in function format?

Same, put it in back ticks. If it still comes out funny you can always type it into the calculator and copy/paste into the note (still need back ticks). The only change is you need to double up on the slashes.

I’m still confused…
When I cut and past the equation from the graph…and then add and slashes…it’s still not showing up in function script.

Don’t forget the back ticks

Where do I place the back ticks…it doesn’t seem to be changing the quadratic into function script. (The back ticks are appearing)

You may have one too few or one too many. Here: format as math • Activity Builder by Desmos

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