Table items to Graphing Horiz/Vert Lines via CL

I’m wanting to ask students to type several equations (of horizontal and vertical lines) into a table.
Then I want the equations to appear on the graph.

As an example: they might type x=2 and x=4 and the first two lines of a table (the table has 1 column.)
How do I turn the cell content into latex? Or do I skip that?
How do I reference an equation that’s a relation, but possibly not a function?

You can either use
a) one-variable function f(y) will help with vertical or sideways parabola (but this will not graph horizontal lines (i.e. y=2)
b) write a two-variable function f(x,y) this should work for both.
c) If you are graphing a circle, ellipse, hyperbola, or some other multivariable shape, use f(x,y) and the differenceFunction

I’m actually trying to get the students to type in these equations and they appear as a line on the graph:
So how do I take each input and then code the CL so they appear on the graph?
OR, could I have them type one at a time into an input and it appear on the graph?
I’ve seen it done with simple function, but because this isn’t a function, not sure how to get it to the graph through the CL.

I think Vince was trying to explain what you can do behind the scenes so that students can type those strings and end up with a graph. Screen 1 here shows that method:

Screen 2 restricts students to typing in only the equations of lines (in any form). Very useful for extracting information from the equation of a line.

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