How to add a submit button on a table

I am trying to make a table were the student adds the numbers in. I cant figure out were the submit button on the table is though.

There’s no submit button for tables, but you can add your own action button.

How do I make an action button do that?

On the panel on the left-hand side of the screen, you have several components to choose from. One of them is called an action button. If you click and drag it below the table, you can essentially use it as a submit button.

Alright thanks! So you don’t have to code it or that sorta stuff?

Because it doesn’t let me press it when I try to click it.

You will need to put some sort of code in the button component to connect it with the table. What specifically are you wanting to do?

So I want a button you can press, which you know that says submit. Once you press it it opens the next slide, which I have a code for it to unhide the text on the next slide. If you want to check it out it’s slide 6 and 7, with those tables. But for some of them I can’t keep them hidden because there’s no thing for it to stay hidden on, for example a table doesn’t have a submit button so I can’t have code for it to hide the next slide.

I had a quick look and i’m not entirely sure what you’re wanting to do. Could you explain that differently?

This will results in the action button causing slide 6 & 7 to work for hiding.
I also showed how you can mark the values in the table correct for the teacher dashboard.

Thanks so much! it works well. cheers to you!