How do I add a submit button?

How do you add a submit button so kids can’t change answers?

Tables and inputs should have a submit button depending on the arrangement of components. this.submitted can be used as a condition to hide components or lock table cells.

But you can always just add an action button, name it, and then use the CL to set conditions to lock cells in a table. I don’t know that you can disable input entry, but you could always conditionally display/hide it along with conditionally hiding a note with their answer using the hidden: sink.

Submit buttons for tables have been deprecated and will eventually be removed. If you have a table, use an action button.

I have a multiple choice question and there is not submit button so kids can keep changing/updating answers. Is there a way to stop this? Slide 9 (& 16 & 17) is what I am referring to.

On slide 9, the code you typed was the button label, and should be entered in the computation layer, CL (the button top right with </>). In your multiple choice component (</> button), you can use hidden: yourButtonName.pressCount>0 to hide it, but you can’t disable their ability to choose. Then you could have a note that could show their answer, but it would be much easier if you had students use an input instead of MC. Also, as a teacher, this question comes really far after their creation of the sketch. I was confused initially with what scale factor you were referring to.

For your sketch slides, you need to name your button (where it says 'Unlabelled Button), then in your sketch CL (again the </>` button):

disableSketch: yourButtonName.pressCount>0

I’d also make your button labels something like “Lock Your Answer” and not just 'Submit` (or the default ‘Try It’) so students are cautious about clicking it.