How to change default settings in a Note component?

I’m building activities in Italian and I’m trying to translate the default button label “Share with Class” in my language, but I don’t have any idea on how to do it…any help?

Hello - in the CL for the component, try:

submitLabel: “label text here”

Ooh Thank you! Maybe you know if there exist a reference guide where I could find all sinks of each component? So I could avoid boring the community with the same kind of questions…

You can find the documentation here:

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Also, when you’re in the CL for a component, there’s a link at the top of that window “Computation Layer Documentation” which will take you directly to the component section in the above link from @Jay. (Sometimes what you need might be in the Functions, Types, or Advanced sections at the bottom though.)

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I’m going to humbly request once again that some much needed love be given to the documentation.

It is in great need of improvement, and would vastly improve the UX for those creating Activities. Writing documentation isn’t easy at all but it’s the heart and soul of code.

Thank you