How to check an equation input

I want my students to input the equation of a line. How do I add a script to the slide that will enable desmos to check the accuracy of their answer?
For example the correct answer is y=-70x+420 but y=420-70x is also acceptable.

#turns student input into a line object (accepts ANY form of line)

#grabs the numeric values for slope and y-intercept

#checks that they are equivalent to intended values.
check= m=-70 and b=420
correct: check
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Thank you for answering my question! However when I copy and paste into the script I get this error message:


I am not sure what components need naming? or how to name them?

I figured it out!! Thanks again for your help Daniel! :slight_smile:

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Next question: I want the kids to put in F = 2.5d + 3 on another slide. (instead of β€œx” and β€œy”). How can I change that?

Also what if the slope is 1/3?

For F=2.5d+3, the F is fine as simpleFunction really only looks at the right hand side (you can use function notation too). For β€œin terms of d”, use:


You can also have multivariable functions by adding more parameters.

The slope, using xyLine, will be in decimal form regardless of how a student inputs it.

So how would you do this if you were trying to check that a student entered in a quadratic function? I know it needs to go to the graph but I’m struggling with what to put in there for the check.