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I’ve been looking at a lot of activities and trying to make the CL work, but I’m stuck. On slide 8 I want the point-slope equation to be marked correct. Can someone please help me with using the graph or help with marking latex as correct? Thanks so much!


How do you want it marked correct? In the dashboard or feedback to the student?

copy slide 1 from this:

here use this:


#grabs the numeric values for slope and y-intercept

#checks that they are equivalent to intended values.
check= m=4 and b=5
correct: check

this won’t check that they entered in the correct form but will check if any line they typed in is correct

I would do it this way - see what I did on slide 8, and I also added a “revision” by c&p’ing to slide 9.

I like to check in a hidden graph whenever I can… personal preference. Also I feel that it’s easier to set up for a quick c&p and tweak to make new versions of same problem type.

In particular, here I put the info given to the students into the graph, so the slide can be duplicated and edited just by changing those 2 lines in the graph, and the content of the top note component.

I also changed the single note component you had, with when/otherwise content statement, into 2 separate notes with hidden sinks. Again, this eases the ability to duplicate the slide and just make minimal changes.

Also by doing everything with LHS and RHS separately, it seems to do a pretty good job of checking their input not just for the linear equation being correct, but also being in correct form. E.g., if they enter
it WILL mark it wrong.

Thank you Debbie! I was able to get this to work for other point-slope lines as well. I really appreciate your help.

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Thank you for this suggestion. Is there a specific way to label items in the graph? I’m now looking for ways for any form of the equation to be marked as correct.