How to check correctness with mis-type

I work with students in a resource special education classroom. We are working with basic exponent properties. I would like to give them immediate feedback. I am able to check for correctness and give feedback when, for instance, the answer is m^6 and they type x^6. But sometimes they forget to hit shift-6 to get an exponent and then their answer appears as x6 where 6 is a subscript. At this point, I would like remind them how to make that 6 an exponent. But how can I check if they’ve typed the 6 as a subscript?

I think you mean something like this:

While it works more reliably than before, latex matching is not the recommended way for checking input. Also, the latex textcolor looks nice, but doesn’t play well with screen readers.
Here’s a different way to check using computational methods. Basically, I made a simpleFunction in terms of x and x_6:

Thank you both. I’m still relatively new to the CL and do a lot by finding other activities and modifying them. Both sample solutions are very helpful both for this problem as well as my general CL learning.

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