Law of Exponents Discovery using tables CL for exponents

I am working on a Law of Exponents discovery task. Students are to look at Expressions, Expanded Form, and Single power in the table and then follow the pattern to fill in the rest. I borrowed code from a similar activity but when I tried to use exponents in the correct answers, I started getting errors. Slide 3 is where it all began.

You will probably need to work with patterns to be able to do some of what you are looking for. I edited slide 3 to show how this could work.

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I think what you’re saying after looking at your code is that your attempt to replace the “correct” answers is not working for you. The values (in blue) must be a single number. For anything that would require even a basic calculation, like an exponent, you’ll need to use numericValue or simpleFunction.

figure7number = numericValue(`10^{7}`)

Note that this only compares the value of the expression and not its form, so a student copying and pasting the original expression would still get it right. Also, not sure where you got your cdot symbol because the calculator isn’t recognizing it. Use * when typing and it will automatically convert.

Here I edited it with some pattern matching instead.

@Daniel_Wekselgreene were on the same page, but different approaches.

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Thank you for your help! I’ll work on learning this.