How to partially hide grid lines

Hey Desmos,
How can I display grid lines only in quadrant I, as in Turtle Crossing?
(How do I hide the grid lines in quadrants II through IV?)

Thank you.

There’s not a native way to do so. I believe those grid lines may have been “faked” by just creating lists of lines. Something like this…

There is a native way to do so, but it appears to be something Desmos themselves seems to hide from regular users. The Turtle Activity that @gaku is referring to does indeed use true grid lines in the first quadrant.

It would be nice if useful features like this were made available to everyone.

You are correct! I do see that now. There is the hacky alternative, though, I guess.

I appreciate your replies.
I didn’t realize it was an undisclosed method.
I would like to try the method of making grid lines with a list of lines.