How to set the color of a graph/point using CL


I have the function f(x) defined in a calculator screen.

I would like to have the graph of it in a particular color using the rgb function.

How can I do this?


If you’re using rawExpression you can use rawExpressionColor but if not I always just get lazy and make a line y=f(x) in the calculator and set the color in the graph


Making a line y=f(x) in the graph and setting the color there isn’t a lazy workaround - it’s the recommended way to format, since it gives you easy access to all of the things you can do with the function (dashed lines, colors, inequalities, etc.), instead of needing to learn a new mechanism.

If you need to specify a specific custom color, then we don’t have a well-supported way to do that right now. rawExpression and rawExpressionColor are deprecated and shouldn’t be used for new things.

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I’m not against the normal way of setting the color, but in this particular case I wanted two graphs to be light gray, for students to sketch the product of functions on the same axes and have the original graphs not be too distracting.

Sounds like I might need to wait for a supported way and in the mean time hack something together with rawExpressions.


I also have a need to set the color in code.