CL Need Help Fixing my graph

Hello. The final graph on my Desmos activity is supposed to graph a parabola in the color of the points if the student entered the correct formula. For some reason the graph is coloring the parabola a different color than the points. Could someone check out the Computation Layer and see why it’s making this error? I really need it fixed because it is for an observation but I have no idea what I did wrong. It is the final slide on this link:Quadratic Transformations • Activity Builder by Desmos


CL is fine, it’s your graphs that were mis-colored! Paste in this graph and you should be fine: Graphing Calculator

To debug, I built a function f1(x) and defined S. Then I updated that subscript on f1 to cycle through each of the five options, updating the colors to match what you had in the table.

Thank you! You rock!