How to use a math input to graph an undefined function

Realized that using the “simpleFunction” command will not graph an undefined line since it’s not a function. I am trying to find a way to get a math input latex to show on a graph display. This is for finding the axis of symmetry of a shape and I need to have examples of both verticle and horizontal lines of symmetry. Is there any way to have the math input of “x=1” graphed on the graph display? Thank you all for your help.

You can use xyLine() instead of simpleFunction. This is best for all linear equations because you can easily extract all the info you want including isVertical and xIntercept, which you can sink into your graph. Let me know if you want an example.

Thank you for the help! Could you show an example? That would help a lot.

Alternatively, is it absolutely necessary that this function be defined in the computation layer? It might be easier to define the function in the graph itself and use the computation layer to only show it when you want to, depending on your use case.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized what you meant by “math input.” Early morning brain.

Here you go - let me know if you have questions. parsing vertical, horizontal, and slanted lines • Activity Builder by Desmos

That was perfect thank you!