Graph a vertical line from single variable linear equation

I would like to have a graph display a vertical line at a solution to a linear equation (like it does in the regular graphing calculator).

How can I get a math Input to Solve for x AND export it to the graph?

If I can get it to solve, then I can just use number(β€œa”) and use x=a.

Can you share the activity? And give an example of the expected answer for the math input.

Here is an example

Something like this in the graph CL:
function(`f`): parseEquation(input.latex).differenceFunction("x")

And this in your graph:

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0=f(x) should also work

f(x)=0 won’t work because its interpreted as β€œmake a function f(x)” which is then overridden by CL

0 = (x) looks for all of the places where the function defined in CL evaluates to 0.

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I thought I had tried that as well, but apparently not. Thanks again, @Jay. (Solution edited to reflect suggestion.)