I know aggregate is experimental, but maybe this is helpful info

Hi, wonderful people.
I know that aggregate is “experimental”, but I thought I’d share my experience today in case it’s helpful.
(BTW, I obsessively love this function.)

I had students putting three data points in a table, and then it was aggregating all of their inputs onto a graph on a later slide. When we did it, the data was incorrect for a while – we saw an unexpected scatterplot, instead of a line. I wondered if I’d messed up the coding, and then suddenly after about 3 minutes, all the data popped into the correct spot. It was very cool and satisfying, but by accident.

That’s it – it worked correctly eventually, but there was a significant pause before it got all the data right. No need to respond, just thought you’d like to know. Glad to provide more if it’s helpful.

Thanks again!

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