Need help with aggregate

I feel like I am using aggregate correctly in this activity - I am doing the exact same thing that is in the documentation sample code (aggregating x and y of a single point to display everyone’s point). But when I test it with multiple incognito windows, none of them show anything except their own dot. Is there something I am missing about how to use or test aggregate?

Seems to work okay for me (haven’t tweaked anything, just Assigned your activity):

It did take a few seconds for the aggregated points to appear for each “student”, though - so maybe it was just being extra slow when you tried it? (Or you’ve made tweaks since posting that means it’s now working).

No, I haven’t made any changes. Weird. I tried it several times and nothing appeared. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough. I’ll try it again… thanks!

If you want to share the student link to your activity, we can log in as a student and see if it works for us?

(Mine is Loading Activity... if you want to check it working)

Good idea. Thanks.

The aggregate definitely shows up for me on that one:

Hopefully it’s now working and visible for you, too?

Yeah, thanks. I’m not sure what was happening initially. Maybe things were just running really slowly.

Aggregate can sometimes take up to 20-30 seconds to update, and it’s highly variable and hard to predict.

For what it’s worth!

Thanks, that’s good to know. I didn’t know about the possibility of time lag like that.