Initial latex with latex subscript

For some reason, if i put initialLatex: “S_{\infty}=” ,the input math box displays correctly, but the script checking against the numerical value in the input box marks it wrong.

initialLatex: “S_{\infty}=”


suffix: when correct “:white_check_mark:” otherwise “:x:

Note that writing initialLatex: “S_n” is actually fine… so I am confused.

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I’m also interested in hearing if there’s a solution for this!
After tinkering around, I think the problem extends to any subscripts that aren’t allowed in the calculator, i.e. that contain something other than numbers and letters (S_{n-1}, S_{\alpha}, …). If you make a Boolean like S_{\infty} = S_{\infty}, even that isn’t successfully parsed and does not evaluate to true.

As a workaround, one possibility would be using placeholderLatex instead of initialLatex.

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