Initial Text after Multiple Choice

I would like to give my students a multiple choice question where they choose a sentence structure for their answer. Then, I would like a box to pop up that gives them a fill-in-the-blank version of that sentence structure.

If I select the “Explain your thinking” option, is there a way to code an initial text into that? Or, if I set up a separate text input box, how can I connect the initial text to the multiple choice answer?

Thanks for any suggestions!

OK, I had a Eureka moment and figured it out. I created three separate “text input” boxes and keep them hidden unless the corresponding option is selected in the multiple choice. Seems super easy now that it hit me, but I was really struggling earlier!!

In case anyone else is looking to do something like this, here is the code I used for one of the “text input” boxes.

initialText: "For these data, as ________________ increases, ________________ tends to increase. "

hidden: not(mc20.isSelected(1)) or ((mc20.isSelected(2)) or (mc20.isSelected(3)))

You CAN actually do it in the explain box of the same element.

initialText: when this.isSelected(1) "${this.choiceContent(1)}"
             when this.isSelected(2) "${this.choiceContent(2)}"
             when this.isSelected(3) "${this.choiceContent(3)}"
             otherwise ""

Cool! That’s what I initially wanted to figure out how to do, and it’s much neater than my solution. Thanks!