Is there a way to create lists based on values inside a table?

Screenshot 2023-07-15 224745

Since you can’t create lists inside a list isn’t there a similar solution like for function? i tried a few things but couldn’t figure it out

I’m not sure I can figure out exactly what you’re trying to achieve here. Can you give some more examples/detail?

I’m trying to make circles out of points but each circle created will have free amout of points, i want to do a little minigame with this

Each column in a table is already defined as a list. So if n is the header in your table, you have defined a list called n. So n[1…3] would return a list of the first three values in that column, for example.

Sorry for my bad explanation, what i wanted to do is see and configure all circles at the same time, i managed to do it one by one using index but that isn’t very convenient.
Edit: the line didnt fit so here is a link: Example

I see what you’re after now. There’s no simple ways of doing this I don’t think without encountering the list of lists problem - however, you can kind of do it with list comprehension using for, as per here:

The downside of this is that every circle of points contains the maximum number of points from n, but with repeated points. You could probably eliminate those with conditions, depends on whether it will affect your game or not.