List of points won't work

I’m working on a graphing picture where students will move points around to create a picture. I was trying to make a list of points from a table in order to compare it to the student locations. The error for list “L” says you can’t make a list of points, but I have a list of points by point names. Why?

If you’re making a list by point name, you’re still making a list of points. You’ll need to parse the coordinates first.

.x and .y could work for you here.

That helps answer one of my questions for comparing coordinates of points, but still doesn’t explain why list A in the Unscramble folder was valid and list L was not.U Mad Bro? Graph Unscramble

Oh that’s a calculator thing. Let me get some reasoning from one of our engineers. Maybe @eric can help?

Unless I’m missing something,
(x_13, y_13) gives you a list of three points, and then the square brackets are trying to put that list inside another list. Just lose the square brackets.

I thought I had tried that, but went back and it does work. It just doesn’t give the note that it’s a 3 element list, so I didn’t think it had, but I can work with it as a list using .x and .y. Thanks!

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Neither the list of points by name nor the list of points as deceived above by Sean will allow for much computation if at all. I think they’re actually the same thing. Which is super useful (thanks Sean!) but won’t do you any good beyond a visual. Furthermore, if you want to use it in the computation layer you’ll need the list to be of numbers only.

Each column in your table is actually a number list. You can call on those lists in CL no problem.

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Actually, they do allow for computation. A.x makes a list of the x coordinates of the list of points, A. Using the list from the tables is a helpful shortcut, as I’m trying to make a conditional. How do you reference a certain element of a list?

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Oh yeah, with .x .y, totally possible! You can reference a list item by appending the list name with [index]

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