Is there a way to hide the functions list in a graph window?

I’m looking for a way to make a student screen that has only a graph to open with the left functions bar list minimized intially. Is there a CL command that does this?

I’m loving all of this by the way. After spending a day in it it’s starting to make more sense. I’d love an autocomplete feature to help with the script input if that’s on the radar as a future development.

Just to clarify, you want the function bar to be hidden at first and then still be able to edit later? Also, saw an autosuggest demo the other day… looks sick!!

Either way would be fine–permanently hidden (for movable points in the graph) or temporarily hidden to be edited later.
Love hearing autocomplete is coming!

There’s currently no way to have a full-screen graph with the expressions-list hidden or collapsed.

You can hide the expressions in the list if you want, by putting them into a folder and checking “Hide this folder from students”, but the expressions-list UI will still be there on the left side.