Copying student expression list from one graph to another

Is there way to copy the entire expression list that a student entered on Screen 1, and import all of that into the graph of another screen, say Screen 11, but also add more expressions in a hidden folder on Screen 11?

I think the answer is probably no. When students type expressions directly into a graph screen you don’t have much control over them.

A better strategy might be to have a table component into which students type expressions. Then you could graph them in a graph exhibit and use them in subsequent screens.

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I need to familiarize my students with working in the full-screen graph, since that’s the version of Desmos that’s available on their standardized test. So entering stuff in tables doesn’t work for me, but I do appreciate your reply.

I think your best bet might just to be use “Copy Previous Graph” and supply instructions either in the title or (using CL) coverText or subtitle.

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