Keep track of numbers across board

Only really used the card sorts thus far, but I am looking to up my game. I am putting together an activity for Biology, looking at influences to alcoholism. Normally, I do it in person with dice and a game board, but obviously I am trying to get students to do it independently.

Each screen looks at one factor that influences risk of alcoholism. 1) They roll the die 2) Read the table 3) increase or decrease risk as told by table.

I would like to keep track of their total risk (all the high risks - all the low risk clicks) and report it back to them at the end of 8 risk factor screens. This is what I have been able to cobble together, but I am unsure how to calculate and hold the “total risk” from screen to screen before maybe producing a simple histogram at the end.

Thanks for your ideas,

Love to see Desmos used for other subjects!

Try putting this in the note on the bottom right for screen 2:

Total = numericValue("${High}-${Low}")

"Click the button to keep track of your patient's risk information

High Risk: ${High}
Low Risk: ${Low}
Total Risk: ${Total}"

I would also suggest changing this setting on your table so it isn’t editable by students: