Mark book in Desmos

Sorry… another newbie question (love Desmos though!)

So I can add some CL into my Desmos activity so that the “slide”/ question gets marked. I am wondering is it possible to get a summary/ final mark for the whole activity… e.g. 8/10 or whatever?

Apologies if this is a stupid question!

PS what is the Desmos name for each “slide” or page on the activity?

If you create a variable for whatever your correctness criteria are in a (named) component, you can then access it in a final slide.
For example, say a math input, named input1:
In input1’s CL:

check= when this.numericValue=12 1 otherwise 0
correct: check=1

(Note I’ve done it this way because you can access variables (i.e. check) from other components, but not the correct sink. Also, check will double as a score and not just true/false for correctness.)

Then in your final slide, depending on your desired display, you could use a note or a table. Here’s a note:

total= numericValue(`${input1.script.check1}+${input2.script.check2}...`)
content: "You got ${total} out of 10 questions correct."
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Ah course… that is brilliant Daniel - thanks. I’ll have a play next time I go to make a Desmos up and see if I can manage this (sounds do-able though!)

Is there any way you can export this final mark back into either Google classroom or MS Teams by any chance?.. or any other type of export that might be useful (Excel or via a REST API or whatever is possible really)
That would be really powerful, i.e. the more automation of admin tasks, the better!

Or maybe I can use Desmos to build up a student’s profile (i.e. activity marks, progress, strengths, weaknesses etc)

No, but I’ve seen a hack in the Facebook group that uses the error message for a screen, and allows you to download a CSV. Gary or Greg something I think.

I’ve seen that too. I think this is what @Daniel_Grubbs is talking about:

“Offered by: Greg Epstein”

That’s the one.