Label within input box

I’ve seen a few examples where a label is already typed into the math input box for students. So if an answer is 37 degrees, you can see the º over on the right side of the math input box before they type. Or if the answer is 50 minutes, you can see the label “min” over on the right side before they type. I can’t find the examples that I’m thinking of, so I was hoping that you could help me make this happen. My specific example will be with the degree symbol.
Thanks so much!

Math Input boxes have the suffix sink, so you could add

suffix: "min"


suffix: "º"

To the script for the math input in Activity Builder.

The suffix: sink can also be used for letting a student know their answer is correct pairing that with an errorMessage: sink can nudge students in the right direction.

here is a link to math symbols if you need to copy and paste the degree symbol into your code:

Thank you all so much! The reminder about the suffix: sink was exactly what I was looking for! @Nora_Oswald - thank you for the math symbols!! I love this community!